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Military Golf Competition for Honorably Discharged Veterans

Where Heroes Compete

About Us

     Welcome to the Veteran's Golf Tour, also known as VGT Golf, where we extend a warm invitation to all honorably discharged veterans with a verified handicap of 18 or less. Our inclusive community embraces active military, wounded veterans and disabled veterans, providing a platform for them to compete in our esteemed golf events. If you have the desire to showcase your skills and engage in friendly competition and win some cool prizes and cash, we wholeheartedly welcome you. Our primary objective is to keep military veterans active and engaged through competitive golf events, specifically tailored for bogey or better golfers.  

     Our events typically feature a field of 72 participants, organized into walking groups of four golfers. To maintain a smooth pace of play, we schedule tee times in 10-minute intervals, promoting an efficient and enjoyable experience. We encourage participants to embrace the spirit of camaraderie by bringing their own caddies. The fast pace of play ensures that everyone can make the most of their time on the course.

     Here's an exciting opportunity for you: Ever dreamt of playing on TV? At the Veteran's Golf Tour, you have a chance to be seen by your friends and family as our events are live-streamed on Facebook and YouTube Live. The broadcasting coverage captures the signature hole of the event, as well as the tee off on the first hole, and the exciting moments on the 18th hole.

     To ensure the safety and well-being of all participants, we require either medical clearance or a signed waiver for competing in our events. Our regular tournaments typically span two days, totaling 36 holes of golf. In the case of tiebreakers, we may extend the playoff holes as necessary. State and National Championship Events, on the other hand, comprise 54 holes of play, again with additional playoff holes if required. While we strongly encourage participants to bring their own caddies to enhance their experience, volunteer caddies will be available specifically during Championship Events. Whenever possible, we aim to engage local volunteers to support our tournaments. Pull carts are generally allowed unless specified by local rules. Furthermore, participants with disabilities and wounded veterans have the option to ride a cart, provided they possess a verified and approved medical exemption from the tournament committee.

     At the Veteran's Golf Tour, we utilize a gross scoring system for all participants in the Alpha (Sharpshooter) Division and a net score system for participants in the Bravo Division.  Participants over the age of 50 will be compete using the designated tee boxes according to their handicap and age range. 

     Do you possess the skill, determination, and competitive spirit to triumph on tour? Join us and prove to yourself that you have what it takes. Our aim is to challenge you, not only providing an opportunity for friendly competition but also ensuring that you stay fit and meet like-minded veterans who share a passion for tournament golf. Sign-ups for veterans will open very soon. In the meantime, join our wait-list and stay updated with our monthly events, including numerous fundraising events open to the public on a national scale. We look forward to hosting events for you.

Our Story

The Veteran's Golf Tour was founded by Ray Riojas, a U.S. Army veteran who discovered his passion for golf during his time at the San Diego Golf Academy in 1993. He later taught at the prestigious Harvey Penick Golf Academy in Austin, TX during the mid-90s. Ray's unwavering love for the game and his deep-rooted connection to the veteran community inspired him to establish this golf tour. His primary goal is to motivate veterans to maintain an active and engaged lifestyle through our events.

Recognizing the significance of mobility in a golfer's swing, we prioritize walking as an essential element of our tour. Walking promotes flexibility, stamina, and overall physical well-being, all of which contribute to the optimal performance of a golf swing. However, we understand the varying needs of our participants, and therefore, participants over the age of 50 have the option to utilize carts while still having the opportunity to walk if they prefer. We believe that prize money should be earned, and by adhering to the tradition of walking, we honor the dedication and commitment displayed by golfers who have walked the fairways since their junior high school days and beyond. Many golfers have achieved scholarships and accolades on other walking tours, and we aim to provide a fair and level playing field for those athletes who are eager to compete.

The flexibility and stamina of the body are crucial factors in the sport of golf, directly impacting an individual's ability to execute the necessary swing for each shot. Our events serve as a platform for veterans seeking competitive golf, offering a challenging experience for those who are passionate about the game. We acknowledge that there are alternative tours available for veterans, and we encourage each veteran to explore and find the right fit that aligns with their preferences and goals.

We sincerely appreciate your support in our mission to create a meaningful golf tour for veterans. Your contribution enables us to continue fostering a strong community and providing opportunities for veterans to connect, compete, and thrive.

Veteran Signup Coming Soon

Ray Riojas

Founder & Current Manager

Veteran Connection

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