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Military Golf Competition for Honorably Discharged Veterans

About Us

The Veteran's Golf Tour (also known as, VGT Golf) welcomes all Honorably discharged veterans with a verified handicap of 20 or less to compete in our golf events.  This includes wounded veterans as well as disabled veterans.  If you have a desire to compete, we welcome you. The key goal is to keep the military veteran active and in motion in a competitive golf event for the bogey or better golfer.  Our events will usually feature a field of 72 participants in walking groups of 3 golfers, when possible.  The majority of events will be set with tee times in 9 minute intervals.  We encourage a fast pace of play, and caddies are welcomed. 

Have you ever wanted to play on TV? Here is your chance to be seen by your friends and family while the Event is live streamed on Facebook and Youtube Live.  Broadcasting will be on the signature hole of the event, as well as the tee off on the 1st holc, and coverage on the 18th. 

Participants must be cleared medically, or sign a waiver, in order to compete in our events. Regular events are usually two-day events totaling 36 holes of golf plus any additional playoff holes, when deemed necessary.  State and National Championship Events are 54 holes of play, with playoff holes, when deemed necessary.  Caddies are strongly encouraged but not provided by The Veteran's Golf Tour.  We believe that this will help with pace of play and we'd like you to experience a true tour environment.  Volunteer Caddies will be available during Championship Events. VGT Golf will try to use local Volunteers when available.  Pull carts will always be allowed, unless specified by local rules. The Member will have the option to ride a cart (unless local rules apply), with a medical exemption that must be verified and approved by the tournament committee. This allows for participants with disabilities and wounded veterans the ability to ride a cart.

Our events will use a net scoring system for all tournaments, with the exception of the Alpha and Echo Division.  Participants under the age of 50 with a  handicap of 2.9 or less, will participate in Div Alpha.  Participants with a 3.0-11.9 handicap will participate in Div Bravo.  Participants with a 12.0-20 handicap will participate in Div Charlie.  Participants who are 50 years (senior division) and older with a handicap of 3.0 or higher, will participate in the Delta Div (Net scoring).  Seniors with a 2.9 or lower handicap will participate in Div Echo (Gross scoring).  Participants in the Delta and Echo Divisions will be allowed carts during all events, with the option to walk as well.  Please note, that only players that choose to walk in the Delta and Echo Divisions will be allowed the caddie option, due to cart availability. 

 Do you have what it takes to win on Tour? Come prove to yourself that you can.  Our aim is to challenge yours.  In the process, you will stay fit and meet like minded veterans willing to compete in  tournament golf.  Veteran's will be able to sign up in the Spring of 2023, but for now, join our wait-list and  we hope to see you at one of many fundraising events open to the public happening around the Central Texas region and DFW area, with more locations and Nationwide events coming soon.  Our Events will be updated Monthly with sign up information.

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Our Story

The Veteran's Golf Tour is Founded by Ray Riojas, U.S. Army Veteran. He received his golf credentials upon his graduation at the San Diego Golf Academy in 1993 and ended up teaching for the Harvey Penick Golf Academy in Austin, TX in the mid 90's. His love for the game and passion continues through this Golf Tour.  His hope is to encourage Veterans to stay mobile and stay connected through the events.  Mobility is a very important and a necessary component to the golf swing, and this is why it's important that our participants walk. There are carts for participants over the age of 50, with the option to walk as well.  As there will be prize money awarded in our events, we believe it should be earned. The majority of golfers have walked from Junior High School and beyond during their journey in competitive golf. Some golfers have earned scholarships and won awards on other walking tours and we just feel it's fair to continue the format for those few athletes that are willing to compete.  The body's flexibility and stamina are a vital component to the sport of golf. It affects the individuals ability to perform the swing necessary to hit the shot.  Our events are available as a golf tour for veterans that will challenge those few looking for competition golf.  We understand that there are other tours available for Veterans, and we encourage you to find the right fit for you.

Thank you for your support.

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Ray Riojas

Founder & CEO

Veteran Connection

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